Sabyasachi Guha
Sabyasachi Guha – Photo by Kishor Chopda

Sabyasachi Guha


Sabyasachi Guha (friends call him Guha) was closely associated with U.G. Krishnamurti from 1995 until the latter passed away in 2007. Guha, who met U.G. after reading Mind Is A Myth and The Mystique of Enlightenment, admits his relationship with “non-guru” U.G. was frenetic, pivotal and life-changing from the very start. Guha believes his physical proximity to U.G. over the years coupled with intense attraction towards him resulted in irreversible changes where all core conflicts were resolved and “natural order” restored in his physical system. He says he now functions like a “civilized biped animal”.

Guha, a retired physicist, was immensely intrigued by his body’s responses at a very fundamental level in U.G.’s presence. This led him to pursue study of brain functioning and the endocrine system. After several years of in-depth study, he arrived at the certainty about the “absolute uniqueness of individual brain circuitry that produces consciousness”. Guha elaborates, “Each and everyone’s system is uniquely organized so that we look at life through our own distinct ‘filter’ and react or respond to any given situation only through that filter. This is what I term as our subject specific functional reality and that is all there is.” He totally rejects the notion of absolute reality.

Guha further emphasizes that social complexities and cultural impositions have put enormous stress on and caused untold harm to the physical system although he concedes there is no way out. While dismissing age-old concepts about god, truth, reality, enlightenment et al as pure fiction, Guha unequivocally states that information-gathering and knowledge can only help us to function sanely and intelligently in our social structure and nothing more.

 There is no such thing as ultimate reality. Functional reality is the only reality. The human brain conjures up thoughts and images by looking and listening; each one is uniquely organized and different from another brain. However, we are myopic about the existence of this uniqueness. We think we can logically explain to others the way our mind is operating, but that can never happen because the logic is completely subjective and biased based on our conditioning. All our belief systems are based on conditioning and there is no rationality in the human mind. We feel the pain of others, yet we continually inflict pain on ourselves and those around us. This is the height of irrationality.

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We constantly try to acquire more knowledge We gather knowledge and information to reinforce and exercise control over others. Knowledge is power. It ultimately enslaves us and gives us the power to enslave others! The human mind is a myth-making machine. We convince ourselves to exemplify things that do not really exist. We may be sentimental about it, but in the long run it is a means of oppression, self-delusion and a means of controlling others.

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Freedom is to allow the system to do its job optimally. Then you begin to sense unburdening and peace. The physical system is not interested in the acceptance of a belief structure. It is a burden. On this planet, those who suffer the most are the ones who have deep beliefs.

Sabyasachi Guha



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