Sabyasachi GuhaSabyasachi Guha, close friend of U. G. Krishnamurti, questions the validity of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s teachings and exposes some of the misconceptions in All Solutions Are Fictitious. He also discusses the mechanics of thought as a pleasure movement, the futile never-ending cycle of replacing one idea with another, primary and secondary consciousness as a survival mechanism as well as the body’s intelligent self-organization using the examples of the brain and the immune system to bring the physical body to a healthy equilibrium.

Guha never fails to remind us that knowledge has its limitations and no amount of information about the body’s processes and activities can prepare us to respond to life’s situations.

To listen to Guha is to profoundly encounter ourselves with the recognition that he is addressing our true well being:

It is your attention, your genuine interest and hunger for things that you

want to hear, something from you is triggering something in me, which

is gathering information and pulling it out. Of course information has to

be there to start with—what you do not know you cannot say, but

without you these things would have never been said.

Read the full talk here.


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