A few months ago I went through a brief phase of writing “poetry”.  Never having written a poem in my entire life these verses flowed spontaneously and effortlessly, making it crystal clear to me how the power of unconditional love can bring to light hidden treasures in each one of us. I can’t say Guha loves me, rather he is love – love that demands nothing in return. From day one I have been at the receiving end of this love – here’s to Guha:

The first five are limericks, very playful and light-hearted, next the two sonnets – the first, my life in a nutshell, the other conveying my love for the meadows near to where I live – followed by some other verses.


There once was a man named Guha

Who came from the land of Durga

He writhed in pain

And became Superman

He now lives in No Man’s Land

I love Guha, the Natural Man

I love Guha, the Mirthful Man

Love and laughter

Joy and rapture

Makes me love Guha all over again

The system is a powerful thing, “I” a poor thing

The system is intelligent, “I” is belligerent

The system is SILENCE

The “I” is turbulence

The system is KOTU, King of the Universe

I say love you, you say forsake you

I say love you, you say leave you

Sad and sorrowful

Lost and pitiful

Walk by my side, I beseech you

Shiva tandava thunders than, than, than

Guha’s guffaw goes dhan, dhan, dhan

Shiva’s dance

Guha’s laugh

Make the world go round, round, round


The Trident

The tale of terrific trident begins at fifty

Hark! Childhood was a mess; woeful, fearful

Sad and pitiful, life seemed pretty nasty

Youth was disastrous, marriage disgraceful

Morbid and pernicious life was unbearable

Then came Agastya, harbinger of happiness

My bundle of joy made things bearable, endurable

Silent and sagacious, seeped with sweetness

Agastya, my beloved son, I salute you

Spewing vitriol and venom from poisoned fangs

Hubby dear yells I forever forsake you

Pity me, the flower crushed as the door slams

Enter mighty Guha wielding trident of love, joy, laughter

Trident sharp pierces my heart and love blossoms ever after


The Meadows

As dawn breaks we walk in the meadows of Mercer

Amidst woodlands, grasslands, marshes and farmland

Peaceful and tranquil are the meadows of Mercer

Gravel paths, boardwalks and treading by the lakeside,

Behold pretty wildflowers in the meadows of Mercer

Violets, daisies, dandelions, asters and black-eyed

Suzies winking merrily in the meadows of Mercer

Spot here a bobolink perched on the grass stem

Or a tiny turtle tanning in meadows of Mercer

Watch the bright-winged butterfly’s fluttering flight

Or the feisty kestrel flapping tail with all might

Oh! What a golden day in the meadows of Mercer

With Guha by my side I am brimming with love and joy

Wonders of Nature are Guha and meadows of Mercer

Web of Love

Ask me not if I miss him

Ask me not if I long for him

Ask me not if I truly adore him

All I know is Guha has me all entangled

In a web of love, so deeply subliminal

A Million Thanks

On this Winter Solstice a few random thoughts, observations and reflections – all of my own making:
Like I recall meeting you on a cold wintry morning three years ago and you perched royally on the sofa with Julie dozing by your side
Like I remember your eyes twinkling, laughing merrily listening to my Ramana rant
Like I had no idea I was entering the lion’s den with all exits closed and no way out
Like then why do I feel happy, unshackled, unburdened and light?
Like why do I think I have met my mentor, teacher, best friend and guide?
Like how can I ever repay one who wants nothing but one who gives incessantly?
Like finally my clumsy words cannot convey how lucky I am to have you in my life

A million thanks to you Guhaji, now and always

Thank You

Thank you, thank you, thank you

On this Thanksgiving Day I thank you

Whether near or far across the seven seas

You are always in my heart, seated so deep

Full of gratitude and praise I fold my hands

And offer a million thanks to Natural Man

(A Cinquain Poem)


Functional Reality

Reality is Subjective

Subject Specific Functional Reality


Nandini Kapadia


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