Sabyasachi GuhaSabyasachi Guha, who moved closely with U. G. Krishnamurti for more than a decade, encourages us to trust that everything we need to function in equilibrium with the external world is naturally supplied by the internal power that comes out of the “natural order”, innate in all individuals, waiting to be activated. You Is a Camouflage was inspired by a key passage from Guha’s Bengali book, In the Company of U.G. Krishnamurti—14 Days in Palm Springs which systematically expounds the “natural order”.

Guha was determined to understand, from both a spiritual and scientific perspectives, why he was so powerfully affected by U.G. whose functionality appeared to be the outcome of a “natural process”. However, he was soon convinced that it was an exercise in total futility, the main pitfall being there was no direct correlation to what was unfolding inside him and the use of language to communicate it.

It can’t be explained or conveyed, therefore it’s of no use to anyone, nor can it be given or taken. It is deep down, unknowable for me.”

Guha does not promote any intellectual concepts or doctrines.  In fact, he dismisses them all as pure fiction born out of imagination.  He unequivocally states that information-gathering and knowledge only helps us to function sanely and intelligently in the world.  The rest is up to Mother Nature!

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