U.G. and Guha

Guha discovered U.G. Krishnamurti through the internet. Guha says in There’s Nothing to Defend, “Then I came across U.G.’s website and everything changed for me. I felt that for the first time I had found someone who was truly addressing my dilemma, someone who had such tremendous spiritual experiences, yet denied their validity altogether and had the guts to come out and tell things the way he saw them. That was such a comfort. In that sense, I felt at last here was one guy who was telling the truth. He had no investment and he was not defending anything. I should meet this man at least once, I thought.”

Mind is a mythThe book Mind Is A Myth created a furor in Guha’s mind and his struggles intensified. In A Dynamic Equilibrium Guha admits, “After reading Mind Is A Myth everything had gone topsy-turvy in the sense that I was already in a big struggle. I was doing spiritual practices and having tremendous experiences and whenever I reported these experiences to my spiritual mentors (in Ram Chandra Mission), they told me these were very good and positive signs.  After some time, I started questioning this, since I found I was functioning exactly the same way I had always been.  I still had hope for the future, creating a finite structure of what I wanted. The same hope-oriented movement of the mind produced endless fantasies and nothing had changed.  I questioned what my spiritual experiences did for me. They were stories created in my head.  I recollect my experiences and I feel good, so what! Nothing has changed in me!

“When I read Mind Is A Myth, I immediately agreed with what U.G. was saying because he was addressing the real problem, not peddling hope.  I felt he was telling me to stand back and inquire what the hell I was doing, where I was going, and if anything had ever happened to me other than just finding out what I had experienced and then interpreting those experiences.  I had already stopped my meditation practice.  I decided that’s it, there is nothing to get anywhere, there is nothing to do and you don’t need a thing.  Although I readily agreed that everything was fine, hunky dory, that was actually not the case because I often found myself thoroughly dissatisfied. I read the book again and again.” Then one day, on the way to his office, Guha thought to himself, if there was a person like Sri Ramakrishna around, wouldn’t I go and see him? He immediately contacted the person from the website again and as it turned out U.G. was due in New York the following day.

A recent photo of Guha and Julie
A recent photo of Guha and Julie

Julie Thayer, close friend of U.G. and Guha, narrates in Guha Talks to the Mother of God how Guha met U.G. for the first time in her Central Park West apartment on December 13, 1995:

“Guha arrived early morning and immediately became engrossed in conversation with U.G. Their discussion went on until evening, when other friends arrived. Guha had been an avid reader of J. Krishnamurti and had been practicing hatha yoga and meditation from childhood… He was well versed in Indian mysticism and mythology as well, or should I say in spite of, being a scientist.

“I noticed Guha’s passionate interest and response to U.G.’s presence and message. He was affected by U.G. in a physical way right from the first moment, nausea, pounding headache. He threw up three times, took four Tylenols to no effect but there was an instant recognition that this was the man he had been looking for all his life.”

Julie continues, “Originally he was going to just ‘go and meet this man U.G.’ one time only, then put the whole spiritual thing out of his system and go back to his life and work. But this contact with U.G. was to change the course of his life in a very different way. His core physical existence resonated with U.G.’s energy and it triggered a violent change and as a result, his understanding of U.G. found a different dimension.

“Though a devoted husband and father of two girls, as well as a dedicated physicist, he fell deeply in love with U.G. He spent all his vacation time and money just to be with him, so much so that his whole family passed every summer with U.G. in Switzerland and other school vacations wherever U.G. was in the world….

“As time went on, Guha’s conversations with friends and acquaintances developed a new intensity. Worries about the future and family were obliterated. When he talked about U.G. or about his understanding of the kind of order the body is continuously trying to establish, trying to eliminate the dominance of the “squatter”—(i.e. the sense of self or ‘I’)—I saw the effect on people’s faces and in their questions. Friends often said, ‘I wish I could remember his exact words.’

“U.G. would say to Guha, ‘You are responsible for solving the energy crisis!’ Perhaps he was hinting at some other form of energy in humans!

“I observed the incredible patience Guha had talking with people, beginning with me! We were good friends by this time, and spent days and days walking around his neighborhood, talking about U.G. He tried to help me see what really mattered, what the significance and importance was of my contact with U.G. To be with U.G., one had to be in harmony with his way of life, and that was not an easy thing to achieve, we all had our conflicts and agendas.

“I think because of his scientific background, and his utter passion for getting to the root of things, Guha poured himself body and soul into his own experience, and from that vantage point was better able to understand what had actually happened in U.G.’s case, how he was functioning, the reality behind the explanations…

“Whenever Guha talks about U.G., or his take on how he is functioning, a vibrant, living quality emerges. Guha has his own point of view, not only about U.G., and what he is expressing, but also what the body—yours, mine, everyone’s—is always trying to establish within itself – a natural order, to free up the energy and focus it needs for healing, survival and proper functioning. He constantly points out our lack of trust in the body’s capacity, and our investment in an ‘illusory fictional world’.”

Guha writes in 14 Days…, “From the very first day that I came in touch with U.G., many physical and mental changes have been taking place; consequently the body mind influence has been creating many novel, strange experiences. My mind keeps on examining all this as if it is an internal self-witness. Whenever this sequence of events is revealed in my consciousness then my spiritual thinking minimizes other thinking as negligible. A deep curiosity creates extraordinary excitement.  It excites me to think that it is possible for our spiritual evolution to have a simple straight cause which is physical transformation. This matter has such extraordinary significance that even to think of it gives me the goosebumps.

“The internal changes in the body cause a change in the mental state, then the only way to change the mind permanently would be to cause a basic permanent change in the body and this transformation could awaken the spiritual state in human beings. The arising of the spiritual state in man causes an eagerness in the mind to be united with nature and due to the change in the body when the mind has this feeling, then the body and mind gradually want to come to a level where the body’s complete spiritual development can take place. The complete development of the spiritual state is necessary to live in equilibrium with nature and because of this need there was the creative evolution of the human, and the human based on that need can follow nature’s invisible command in thorough detail.”

Once the “natural order” was restored in his system and external authority abolished, Guha says he functions like a “civilized biped animal”. After U.G.’s death in 2007, Guha took early retirement from his job. He devotes his time between family and friends and is always ready to discuss the transformative impact of his contact with U.G. with those interested in such matters. Whether he is at home or traveling around the globe, Guha, in his customary jovial manner loves to expound on his core philosophical concepts about the natural order, biochemistry of enlightenment, the rhythm of life, proprioception of thought or his pet theme of subject specific functional reality. At the same time he highlights that ultimately one has to introspect and reexamine age-old notions about truth, spirituality, reality, and what have you.

Although Guha loves to share his point of view he emphatically states: “I have no desire to convince you one way or the other. If you accept one idea, it will lead you to examine another idea and it goes on and on. There is no foundation or fundamental truth that can satisfy you.”


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    Hi from Bolivia. No questions. Just à desire to me et Guha. When I was living in Switzerland I found UG’s books on the website by mistake (after reading JK). I knew inmediatly he was a different type of “Guru”. I stoped all m’y practices (from allahuasca drinks to vipassana méditation techniques). Recently I found about Guha and I was happy tô know about him. Maybe one day I will be able to meet him. Greetings from Bolivia. Un abrazo al que lea este mensaje. Rodrigo

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