Photo by Radhika Venugopal
Photo by Radhika Venugopal

In this talk, Sabyasachi Guha, who was closely associated with U. G. Krishnamurti for over a decade, gives deep insights into the “natural order of the body” which, he says, is our true freedom. Guha adds that this natural order, which is innate in every individual, cannot be brought about by the intellect but can unfold only through complete trust. Paradoxically, any effort on our part to bring about this order inhibits the natural process of its emergence.

In Life Discards Everything Guha starts with describing the natural order which he has expounded systematically and in great detail in his Bengali book In the Company of U.G. – 14 Days in Palm Springs and goes on to narrate the pivotal and life-changing relationship he had with U.G.

An excerpt from In the Company of U.G. – 14 Days in Palm Springs sums up in Guha’s own words the beauty of the natural order:

Each one of us is a unique creation of nature and an incomparable movement. A great intelligence is continuously working to maintain this living movement and its equilibrium with the external world. If somehow a “complete trust” – in Bengali we call it “paripurno astha” – develops in us, the naturally induced order, pre-programmed at birth, will begin to unfold. Life then begins to function in a very different way.

The internal power that is associated with the pre-programmed order is so far beyond our imagination that its exhibition and its far reaching effects are incomprehensible. All that you need to move in the field of living is naturally supplied by that power, the power that comes out of that order.

Read the full talk here.

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