Reflections and Reminiscences

By Nandini Kapadia


I first met Dr Sabyasachi Guha on December 21, 2013 after reading about him in K. Chandrasekhar’s Stopped in Our Tracks. Soon after I met him, I lost my job, which I hated anyway. Since then Guha never misses an opportunity to quote to me the aphorism from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: tataḥ kleśa karma nivṛittiḥ, which roughly translates to good riddance to work that creates conflict or burden. Losing my job was truly a blessing in disguise, since it allowed me to spend all my time with Guha. The entire summer, fall and winter of 2014-15 he involved me in various literary projects, at the same time encouraging me to start writing. I never paid any heed to the writing part, insisting to Guha I was an editor, not a writer. But he never gave up on me.
In early 2015, when I was travelling with Guha to Cochin, I finally felt a strong urge to capture in writing what it is like to be around someone like him. Thus, I started writing my journal which continues till date. I will be posting pages from the diary on an ongoing basis in periodic installments. My writings reflect my own point of view and looking at things through “my own filter”. I do not claim any deep insights or offer any scholarly analysis into what Guha has to convey and have taken utmost care not to misrepresent him in any way.
I would like to thank all my friends and well-wishers for their valuable input. And lastly and most importantly, I thank Guha from the bottom of my heart whose inspiration and support made my dream come true.

Part I: A Big Zero

Part II: You Say Just the Way You See

Part III: A Pilot’s Tale

Part IV: A Collection of Nuclei

Part V: There Is No You

Part VI: The Tiger Is Out

Part VII: Thoughts Drain Life’s Energy

Part VIII: Caught In A Web of Love

Part IX: Never In Past And Never In Future

Part X: Butterflies Are Free

Part XI: Sun Breaks Through Nimbus Clouds

Part XII: Love Goes Toward Love


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