Sabyasachi Guha
Guha with friends in West Bengal, India

Sabyasachi Guha, author of In the Company of U.G. Krishnamurti—14 Days in Palm Springs (Bengali) and translator of U.G. Krishnamurti, A Life by Mahesh Bhatt into Bengali, invites us to embrace our uniqueness and to trust the dynamic processes which keep us alive and functioning so that the “‘nature-induced order” pre-programmed at birth can unfold.

In Road to Insanity, Guha covers such issues as the relationship between “lapse of time and space” and creative output, the importance of complete focus to penetrate deep into the unconscious for answers, the purpose of self-aggrandizement and its origin, misconceptions about “choiceless awareness” as propagated by J Krishnamurti, the natural response of “attraction as the action” versus thought-induced attraction cultivated by culture and the effects of the continuous movement of thinking on the physical body.

From a young age, Guha was spurred by a passionate yearning to understand his own nature and in the process became well versed in the traditional Indian scriptures, including mythology, mysticism and spiritual and yogic practices such as meditation and hatha yoga.  Although he says he had many phenomenal spiritual experiences, none of these helped to resolve his inner conflicts. It wasn’t until he met U.G. Krishnamurti in 1995 that a major shift occurred and ended his seeking for good.

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