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Poems on Guha - Series 2

Updated: May 22, 2021

July 31st, 2015


How do you fall at the feet of someone

Who is feetless 'cause he is everywhere?

How do you say “I surrender”

When you own nothing to be surrendered?

All that’s left is an instrument

That seeks its own survival.

What guides it I cannot tell

It follows its own path until it falls dead.

Oh Feetless One-

Can’t thank you for what you’ve done

For I know not what you did.

Entwined and enmeshed in your energies

Can’t tell you from me!


July 31st, 2015


Someone that shines the light

On the deepest mystery within...

That would be You,

My friend, my philosopher, my guide.

Scripture says that a Guru

Is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva all rolled in one and more...

That would be You,

The Creator, the Sustainer, the Destroyer and more.

Scripture also says that a Sadhguru

Is the first REAL person that you will meet.

Oh the one who shines the light on me -

Would you not be the first person I see?

Would you not be the only person that I see?

My joy, my sorrow, my reason for living

All seem to be coming from you.

You have become the very things

You tried to kill and destroy...

My God, my Godlet, my Guru

You mean EVERYTHING to me!

I know not if this is love or craziness

I know not if this is a passing or eternal phase

All I know is that I am extremely fortunate

To have Your Grace in this life.


July 31st, 2015


My heart is full

For it sings in joy

It sings a melody

That touches my soul

It wishes to dance

By the light of the moon

To the beat of the drum

That hammers my core

It seems to expand

And let a thousand blossoms bloom

It releases an intoxicating fragrance

That makes me swoon

This beauty, this joy, this fullness

That you have brought into me

This liveliness and vitality

That you have infused me with

How can it not want to

Sing, Dance and Bloom for you?

It would love to shine in all its glory for a day

And wither away to oblivion thereafter.

The tears that i shed

Are for the deepest gratitude I feel

What did i do to deserve this?

Absolutely nothing....

This is GRACE!


August 20th, 2015


I feel so on the edge

Seething with some unknown energy

Energy so wild

That just wants to break free

From this shackle that

Holds its back.

What is this madness

That makes me

Want to jump out of my skin?

Jump out of my skin and go where?

It knows not logic

Nor does it give a care.

Is this some kind of death wish?

Death of all the preset patterns

A future that's uncertain and unknown

Know not what i want

Know not what i seek

Just know that this is not it.

What is it about you?

That brings about this restlessness in me?

Restless for what I should do?

Imagination falls short

Having given its best shot

Now I just don't know what to do.

Pray tell me

What is it about you

That leaves me with such an ache?

Cresting the waves of ecstasy one minute

And groping the depths of despair, the next

Both tearing me asunder in its wake.

Is this the story I am supposed to write?

For what, for whom and why?

One that knows of this ache -

Can't bear to read it

And one that knows not this ache -

Will not be able to read it.


August 29th, 2015


Soaked in love

Rinsed in its many colors

Steeped in its exquisiteness

Squeezing the breath out

Feeling its power

Leaving me powerless

Torturous is its angst

Falling short in its expression

Gentle is its touch

Harsh is its withdrawal

Strumming on the life strings

Tearing me asunder

Driving me to madness

Whilst also bathing me in its glory

Soaring me to ecstatic heights

Scaling a higher peak each day.

What sweet misery is this?

Wit and will have lost their way

Just when I think I don't want or need anything

Suddenly it seems to all slip away

In desperation I try to yank it back

Not knowing what or where to pull

Left with nothing to hold

I feel my world just came to an end

Crawling on all fours

Looking for it in every crevice

Vision clouded over with a flood of tears

Banging my forehead on the floor in grief

Just when all the hope is gone

Emptied of tears and emotions

When I am so vulnerable and fragile

That I can be knocked down by a whisper

Suddenly I find myself enveloped

In love's fierce embrace

I hang on to it with everything I can muster

So I don't have to ever feel anything else again.


January 31st, 2016


When I am with you

It feels like the whole word

Just opened up to embrace me

All of my senses,

My emotions and feelings,

The blood gushing through my body

The heart pumping and beating

All in symphony

To meet you

And to be with you!

My joy knows no bounds

I giggle and laugh like a teenager

Although I have no questions to ask

Or any knowledge to seek

The conversation crackles and sparkles

Like fine bubbly champagne.

Life just seems to flow seamlessly!

But when I have to go away from you

It feels like the whole world

Withdrew from me

And closed me out.

My senses feel abandoned

My core feels like

It lost its anchor

My breath feels labored

And the grief stricken heart

Just aches to be with you!

Who should I take my complaints to?

Alas! Is there anyone that would understand?

Is there anyone that can

Wipe away my tears?

Or allay my fears?

Is there anyone that really cares?

Life just seems to come to a standstill!


February 8th, 2016


Spoilt am I with the garland of jasmine flowers that

Adorn my neck given to me by you

Beautiful and delicate is its fragrance of you,

You have completely overtaken all my senses

And my emotions, feelings and existence

Sparing nothing to chance

And leaving not a

Crevice of empty space to

Hide behind for some cover

Intoxicated and totally drugged am I!

Grace the learned call it

Unshackling and freeing me from bondage

How can I even begin to thank you

As I know of no words that seem right?


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