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Poems on Guha - Series 4

Updated: May 18, 2021

February 29th, 2016


Talking to you is my prayer

Hearing you is the response to my prayer

Seeing you is the gift beyond my prayer

Meeting you….well no words for that!

If this is madness and delusion

Then how sweet it is!

I could spend the rest of my life

Immersed in this!

Feeling immense gratitude

For this unexpected gift

Life may be harsh but every once in a while

It hands you a reason to make you smile!


March 2nd, 2016


There is something just so sweet about you

Like some absolutely irresistible dessert

The mind is just mesmerized by the image of you

Making it harder and harder to pull away from it

And focus on the things at hand

That seemingly needs to get done

Strangely enough though somehow

Things get accomplished

Although I care not how they get done

They seem to get done better than before

Must be their good fortune that it gets done that way

Left to me, it would have been a disaster all the way

So much for intellect, knowledge, talent and wealth

On which mankind seems to want to hang their every breath

One dip into this magnificent honey pot

Little will there be care whether there is any breath or not!


March 28th, 2016


After the searing heat and burn -

Comes this free floating feeling

Where my feet don’t touch the ground

And the head feels fluffier than the clouds

Feel untouched by anything and anyone around

Riding a tremendous high without the hangover after

Lost to the world, lost to myself

A beautiful radiance envelops

Coating everything in view in a shimmering light

Feels like I walked into a land of make-believe

Except for once I feel that I actually left the world of make-believe

I know not if this is the mirage after a long day in dry heat

Or an oasis providing reprieve to quench my parched throat

Whatever its name is, I care not

Willing I am to soak in this incredibly beautiful world

A soothing balm to my burnt out insides

Soon the shimmering light envelops me within

Erasing the thin barrier that separates

Until I can’t tell the difference between within and out!


April 7th, 2016

G had shut off his phone for three days and it felt as if my life energy had drained out of me. This poem was written as an expression of extreme pain and sorrow.


Why this deafening silence?

Seems like everything has come to a grinding halt

Although life seems to move along at its own merry pace

For me everything seems to have come to a standstill

I try to engage myself

In the dull and dreary activities

Trying to busy myself

Hoping to numb the ache in my heart

What is this fascination?

For something that claims to not be there

Maybe it is not there for itself

But for me it means my whole existence

Nothing seems worth living for

Nothing seems worth yearning for

When the light of my life

Chooses to withdraw itself.

Is this what people call love?

Is this what people call sweet yearning?

For me it just seems like unending torture

I will gladly give it all up

---To just hear something, anything ---


April 21st, 2016


It seems like I can:

Never tire of hearing your voice

Never tire of seeing your face

Never tire of reaching out to you

Never tire of thinking of you

Never tire of wanting to be with you

Never tire of dreaming of you

I can never tire of any of these things

Because life seems to supply me with unending energy

To look at and enjoy its finest work!

I am just a passerby that stumbled on to this

I almost missed it, in my ignorance

But life was kind and nudged my attention gently but firmly

And redirected me your way!

If this isn’t a stroke of good fortune, what else can it be?

To take an ordinary person like me

And infuse me with so much verve

Not even sure what the right word is, for I know of none.

Whatever that unknown word maybe, one thing I do know

Every part of my being is just driven to be with you!


April 21st, 2016


I am just crazily in love with you

so deeply enmeshed with you am I

You permeate

my thoughts

my actions

my dreams

my hallucinations

my conscious

and my subconscious.

What you do

or don’t do

affects my psyche

and also affects my being

generates tremendous reactions

pushes and pulls

clenches and unclenches

tugs and pressures

searing heat and burns

pain and pleasure…

I find myself

completely at the mercy

of Mother Nature

and her whims.

I can’t take any credit

for exhibiting any

sense of surrender.

I find that when

I don’t give in

I am ruthlessly

tossed and turned

like the ocean waves

crashing into a

rocky shoreline.

To avoid this

at all costs

I do the best I can

occasionally I might

have to swallow

a bitter pill

but it’s a small price

to pay.

I bide my time

with pretended patience

as you prick and prod

my ego with

a surgeon’s precision.

Although I know that

it is all for my good

for that much

trust I have in you

but boy it hurts and wounds

although never leaving

a scar behind.

Then comes the

heavenly balm like

music that soothes the soul

lightening me forever

until the next


Mesmerized am I

like a moth to a flame

with each go-around

I am drawn closer to the fire.

You caution me

to stay away

You warn me

of my impending loss.

But has the moth ever

listened to the flame?

This is my

Functional Reality!


April 25th, 2016


Beautiful sunshine

Like a jewel in a blue sky

Earth sprouting a riot of colors

Each vying for attention one more than the other

Birds chirping and tweeting

Probably bursting with some energy

Everything seems perfect

Like some poetry in motion.

Why is it then?

That something just seems amiss to me

Instead of feeling fluid with nature

I just feel like some discordant note.

It can’t be because you are not with me

Because you actually fill every blank space for me

Maybe there is still that barrier

That separates you from me.

Can’t even see that barrier to surmount

So filled are my eyes with you

Occasional tears do get in the way though

But I am helpless to stem their flow.

Everything seems so fragile

Like a gentle breath that blows away

All the delicate seeds of a dried dandelion flower

That shimmer luminously on a sunny day as they spread afar.

Maybe this discordant note is also waiting,

To be blown away by a gentle breath.

Doesn’t matter where it lands or if it lands

For now it is in the hands of nature!

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