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Poems on Guha - Series 1

Updated: May 18, 2021

March 10th, 2015 SWEET DESIRE Do you know what sweet desire feels like? You wake up feeling a deep thirst You go to sleep feeling a deeper thirst All the minutes and seconds in between Leaves you achingly parched and dry One would think that one heart-stopping word From you would quench that thirst…. Oh no! That only deepens it even more! -------X------- March 17th, 2015 SOUND OF YOUR VOICE My heart explodes with an incredible flash That dislodges it from its spot, Down, down, down it goes to the bottomless pit Shooting up sparks of incredible ecstasy upwards; All after just hearing the sound of your voice. -------X------- April 1st, 2015 I WANT … I want to run amuck bare feet in the mustard fields Where the land is pregnant with foliage and brimming with joy I want to bask in the warmth of the sunshine As I lie down on the grass with my face to the open sky I want to scale the Himalayas And feel its melting ice on my hands and cheeks I want the monsoon rains to lash against me So I can be washed within and out. I want to run in the forest And watch the peacocks in their feathered grandeur I want to be by the ocean and run the sand through my fingers As I hear the lapping waves by the beach lazily I want to plunge into a river And feel its embrace through and through. I want to snuggle up to a lamb As I feel its gentleness and naiveté seeping through. I want to be a free spirit, racing through this life I want to soak in everything it has to offer. I wish to breathe them all into me So when I exhale I can feel my beloved in everything! -------X------- May 12th, 2015 DRUNK TO THE CORE Feel an incredible flush of love That has infused me with warmth and color Gently I have been swept With the soft brush of a feather Feel an incredible smoothness Like warm honey that’s just been melting Giving me a gentle embrace Suffusing me with a delicious feeling Feel an incredible gentleness That’s just seeping through and through Tugging at my heart strings And murmuring sweet nothings Feel an incredible lull of intoxication That has me drunk to the core Filling me with unbounded joy And an ecstasy from head to toe! Oh! What have I done to deserve this? You have filled my cup until it has runneth over! -------X------- May 20th, 2015 RHYTHM OF MY LIFE For how long should I pretend How well assimilated I am With society and its funny machinations Thanks to this wonderful new gift! Things couldn't be further from the truth As my heart and soul Cries over and over again To find its Rhythm Of Life! I wake up to you All day I am with you I go to sleep to you Only to dream of you! I wait with bated breath For every word that comes from you Care not if they are harsh or sweet For its way better than none from you! All that I wish for, all that I seek Is to be with you all the time Cause you see You are the Rhythm Of My Life! -------X------- May 23rd, 2015 BARREN DESERT In every song I hear In every article I read In every thing I watch You are right in the midst of it all! You are in my heart And in my thoughts Creating a sweet agonizing thirst That no drink seems to quench! When I breathe in Your fragrance permeates it Absolutely intoxicating me Making it difficult to even breathe out! What do you know Of my desperation and my madness That just seems to clench and unclench My heart strings at its will! Feel powerless and vulnerable To do anything about it Even sleep gives me no respite As you are right there to haunt it! Is this what you call Glee of Insanity? I see the insanity but often not the glee All I see is just an unending barren desert When you are not with me -------X------- May 24th, 2015 HEART STRINGS What is this tug I feel Right next to my heart Feel its persistent squeeze and burn As it gently shreds my insides apart What is it calling out for? Who is it seeking? Can the one it aches for Feel its pull too? Just as the salmon imprints And swims to its homing beacon I too feel the magnetic pull Towards this son of Mother Nature You call it just a sensation Nothing to do with the functioning of the heart Just as fish in the water cannot describe the water How can the one residing in my heart, describe what’s in it? -------X-------

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