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Why are you here ?

There was a lot of discussion between J. Krishnamurti (JK) and various people. Some folks, who have read JK and UG heard them continuously denying aspects of religiosity and image worship. JK/UG debunked all these things saying that there can't be a path to the unknown. You cannot assume the unknown with a particular shape or form. This is a fundamental principle of JK. For people that have tried all these other things - if it is working, then they don't have to look for anything else. If something is working, then you continue doing that. You have a sense of direction and purpose, a sense of where you are going, and it's all working great. After a while you start looking around and realise that nothing is happening, you're not going anywhere. The problems remain the same, the conflicts are still there. Perhaps at that time you may come across JK’s writing or UG’s writing and hear people talking about them. They read or hear about UG and decide to go meet him. When they go there and hear him, they then try to defend what they were doing before. That makes UG ask, “Why are you here? If that is working, why are you here?” If you really see that all the things you did before didn't work, only then will you actually hear what is being said. The reason you are here is because what you believed in did not work the way it was supposed to or the way it was promised to you. The promises of end of conflicts and everlasting joy, that you will see God and then you will never be the same again, or truth shall liberate you from all sorrows, etc., haven’t materialised. You admit to yourself that nothing has worked. If you catch a glimpse of something that worked previously, then you will explore it to the end. You will make sure that you will do everything possible physically and mentally to discover what is working for you and what is not. You will discover for yourself that either it was a wrong idea, or it was an idea that did not work for you. If you truly admit that it did not work, only then will you really hear what he (UG) says without falling back to your old habits and thinking. Even if what UG says doesn’t work, then it is still an end of story. You don’t ever go back to anybody. You don’t look for anything from anybody. You are on your own and that is the ultimate reality for that individual. You will never be frustrated again because frustration comes only because you feel that there is something you can do. That means you feel that there is something you did not do. Then you start trying to do something again by falling back to your old habits. You try a little more meditation, a little more this, a little more that, because you feel you didn’t do everything that was possible for you to do. So that is the context. Why are you here and why are you trying to defend the same shit that didn’t work for you before? UG used to say that JK would directly ask this question of the people around him. You go and find out, find out for yourself. UG’s denial had the most powerful and profound effect on me because of the energy with which he was delivering. There was no meaning. His denial itself was a dead-end because when you deny everything, then you cannot translate anything. Then your mind is at a standstill. The way UG delivered his denial – with such authority, vehemence and energy that that itself was a spectacular biological wonder for me. Although I could never formulate it, its effect was undeniable. Even if I am unable to convey that there is a presence of superlative energy in an individual, although in my mind I had no doubt about it, and even if I ignored this energy that was operating in him as he was delivering those things, I found myself unable to challenge anything. I was unable to form a sentence and I was completely in a corner. This brought about a strange stability which itself created energy within me. Either I was becoming very vehemently against it, because I was unable to stand it, like an old primitive defensive mechanism, or it was just making me headless. This headlessness gave a very strange intoxication as if all the problems vanished at that moment. I cannot explain this craziness in a way that makes sense to anybody. But it is as real as anything that is perceived by me by seeing or feeling. I couldn’t touch it as I can touch a solid object. As far as human perception can give an emotional and physiological expression, it was completely unmistakable and undeniable for me. I didn’t know what the hell it was, but it was really powerful. It is like your fear of being choked. Fear is a mental phenomenon, but choking is real. There is no power on this planet that can argue me out of the existence of such a powerful sensation within me because I am the one consumed by it and feeling it. I was charged with such intensity and energy that I don’t need anyone to tell me that something was going on. Do we need to consult a doctor when you feel very good? I am not harmful to anyone and I am feeling great – no further validation required! Religiosity is a set of practices and a way of living to achieve a certain end. For me that end forever became unknown. I didn’t need any religiosity. Religiosity always dangles a carrot in front of you to make you live in a particular way, that you are going somewhere – like you are going to heaven, or being observed by God, etc. They will never say, “We don’t know anything, where we are going or what we are doing, we feel this is the best way to live and we live that way.” I don’t need an old religion or religiosity to live! Almuñécar Spain June 12, 2022

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